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Get Jute filler yarn by coming to R. L. Pritchard & Co. Inc.! We're the place to go if you need Jute netting, yarn, and other products.
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Jute Soil Saver

The biotechnical solution

Jute SOIL SAVER creates the vegetative, micro climate your distributers’ customers are asking for. Used for over 30 years, soil saver is well known, 100% organic and 100% biodegradable at decomposition rates controllable by weights ranging from 250 grams to 1000 grams! Highly absorbent and toxin free, jute retains 5 times its weight in water, out-performing synthetic netting and its’ reputation for trapping wildlife, twisting in mower blades and leaving inert pollution for future generations. Polypropylene is still being studied and debated for it’s possible negative health effects.

Requiring very little handling, soil saver is sold “as is”, accordion folded, or rolled in 4 foot, and hand knotted 8 foot widths.


  • Erosion Control


Solutions to a Multitude of Erosion Control Problems

  • Used to solve erosion control problems for over 30 years
  • Approved by most state DOT
  • Easy installation
  • Anchored with staples
  • Totally biodegradable
  • Absorbent - up to five times its own weight in water
  • Drapes extremely well to  ground surfaces holding soil and seed in place
  • Takes hydro seeding before and after installation
  • Allows over seeding after installation
  • Allows over seeding after vegetation is established
  • Aids in preventing undercutting
  • Used with any grass or ground cover
  • Eliminates synthetics
  • Non toxic
  • Acts as a soil nutrient - puts back  over two tons of rich organic matter per acre relative to weight
  • Ideal for bio-engineering applications
  • Natural fiber, un-dyed and unbleached
  • Earth tone color blends  with environment
  • Suitable for all climates, soil, and most terrain
  • Has been successfully used on slopes up to 1:1



Sales and Handling

  • Price advantage over stitching netting and filler to make blankets
  • Sold “as-is” single layer netting
  • Minimal handling
  • Stores “stacks” easily and is flexible
  • Loads easily
  • Zero toxicity, zero warehouse off-gassing
  • Width options: 4’,8’,12’, and 16’ widths
  • Gram weights from 250 to 1,000 grams!
  • Purchase in 20’, 40’ & mixed containers


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