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Get Jute filler yarn by coming to R. L. Pritchard & Co. Inc.! We're the place to go if you need Jute netting, yarn, and other products.
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At R.L. Pritchard & Co., Inc. we carry a variety of Jute products.




Jute around the Globe

  • Protection of slopes in road and railway embankment
  • Bridge approaches
  • Terraces in hilly terrains
  • Stabilization of sand dunes
  • Promotion of quick vegetation in areas denuded by natural disasters and normal erosion
  • Stabilization of waste-dumps
  • Golf course construction and maintenance
  • Embankments and slopes
  • Civic beautification
  • Landfills
  • Highway construction
  • Landscape improvement
  • Sod stabilization
  • Lakes and stream banks
  • Mining reclamation
  • Nurseries
  • Military bases
  • Industrial and commercial development
  • Farm and agricultural
  • Ski slopes
  • Beach and sand dune stabilization
  • Pipeline construction
  • Wetland reclamation
  • Drainage ditches

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Matthew W. Paisley
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1 North Rd, PO Box 479
South Lyme, CT 06376
Phone 203-393-0260
Fax 203 567-8101

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